rental car accident insurance can be purchased through the service counter

Rental car accident? Don’t freak out yet.

Most likely, everything will be okay.

If you are the person who signed the rental contract and purchased the Collision Damage Waiver, you should have no concerns. The policies typically cover any and all damage to the vehicle, regardless of whether you are at fault. Further, the policies can also provide an additional liability policy, so if you are found to be at fault, the rental company insurance will step in to provide coverage for the other person’s damages. The policy may even provide coverage for your medical bills.

What if I declined the Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) on my rental car?

If you have declined coverage at the rental counter, your vehicle insurance will typically provide coverage for the loss. Your policy likely contains a provision which covers you while you drive other vehicles, including rental cars. You may also have coverage with your credit card, if you paid for the rental charge with a major credit card. Many credit card companies provide rental car insurance as an extra incentive to use their card.

What if someone else rented the car, and I was driving?

If your spouse or sometimes even a co-worker rents the vehicle, you may also be covered under the rental insurance contract. Every rental company varies on who may drive the rental, so be sure to question to rental agent, before you operate the vehicle.

If the rental contact does not contain a provision which automatically allows you to drive, be sure to have your name added as a driver of the vehicle. If you are not given permission by the contract to drive the vehicle, you are operating a vehicle without insurance! Among the most important requirements of an insurance policy is that the driver must have permission to operate the vehicle before coverage applies. The rental companies are strict with their rules, so be sure to confirm permission, before operating the vehicle.

Don’t Drive a Rental Car Without Auto Insurance – You Could Get Sued

The problem arises if you operate a vehicle without permission from the rental car company and/or without insurance. If this occurs, the rental company will pursue you personally for the vehicle damage and loss of rental income for the time it takes to repair the vehicle. Further, you may be responsible for any personal injury or other damages caused by the collision.

Contact Morris Bart About Your Rental Car Accident Injuries

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