Morris Bart, LLC Hurricane Isaac Insurance Claim Area of Practice Helps Affected Clients After Additional Claim Extension

FEMA has granted an additional extension for submitting claims for Hurricane Isaac flood damages.  Louisiana property owners with federal flood insurance policies whose structures were damaged by Hurricane Isaac flood waters now have an additional 60 days to complete their claim, with the new application deadline in late January 2013.

The National Flood Insurance Program generally requires that property owners submit within 60 days of the loss. Louisiana property owners with federal flood insurance whose homes or other property were damaged during Hurricane Isaac initially had 60 days after August 28th to file a claim.

Fortunately, the state requested an extension of the 60-day deadline, to give all affected residents additional time to apply for assistance. FEMA granted the extension, moving the deadline back to November 29th.

As of November 21, FEMA has granted an additional 60 day extension to the flood insurance application deadline.  Federal flood insurance policyholders now have until late January 2013 to file their Hurricane Isaac flood insurance claim.

Get help with your Hurricane Isaac flood damage claim

Sometimes insurance companies take too long to settle a claim or refuse to pay a claim that is covered under a policy.  If an insurance company is found to be guilty of bad faith, policyholders may be awarded additional compensation for their bad behavior.  It is important to understand the insurance policy’s terms, coverage, and the obligations of the insurance company.  The hurricane attorneys at Morris Bart, LLC are here to support claimants through every step of this process.

A hurricane insurance claim attorney may make all the difference in having Hurricane Isaac insurance claims approved. Morris Bart‘s team of attorneys has the necessary experience to ensure that claims go as smoothly as possible. Morris Bart will help claimants with notification, processing, evaluation and settlement of their Hurricane Isaac insurance loss and claim. Morris Bart’s attorneys are here to maximize claim compensation for their clients.

To file a Hurricane Isaac flood insurance claim, call the hurricane damage attorneys at Morris Bart, LLC at (877) 442-1110 for a free consultation or complete the online form to discuss how Morris Bart’s team can protect claimant interests.

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