Nursing home abuse has become far too common in the United States. Because people are living longer, the population in retirement homes has increased.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are currently 15,700 nursing homes in the United States, which provide care for 1.7 million residents. Unfortunately, many of these facilities are understaffed, poorly managed or overcrowded.

There is no excuse for nursing home abuse or neglect. It can have emotional, mental and physical consequences for victims. Many cases are never reported, which allows the mistreatment and abusive behavior to affect other residents.

If you or a family member was the victim or nursing home abuse, contact a Lake Charles personal-injury attorney from Morris Bart. We can investigate your case and help you navigate the claims process.

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Proving Your Injury or Loss

In order to recover compensation from a nursing home abuse claim, plaintiffs have to provide evidence that they suffered an injury or loss due to negligent or abusive actions. Proving damages is easier if the victim suffered a physical injury. In these cases, a doctor’s report and eyewitness testimonies are usually sufficient to prove damages. If the injury was serious, the nursing home staff may have compiled a report of the incident.

Unfortunately, not all abuse is easy to report or document. Examples include emotional and financial abuse. Many victims do not know they were financially exploited until weeks or months later. At this point, gathering evidence may be difficult.

Possible Evidence in Nursing Home Abuse Cases

If you or a family member was – or may have been – the victim of nursing home abuse, you should report it immediately. Even if you do not have hard evidence to back up your claim, acting quickly can put the mistreatment to a stop and save other residents from the same trauma. It may even lead to positive staff changes or adjustments to the nursing home’s operational policies.

In order to recover compensation in a nursing home abuse claim, you will need evidence to prove the neglect or mistreatment. Examples of evidence include:

  • Photographs of injuries, bruises and other signs of abuse;
  • Photographs of medications that you receive from the nursing home staff;
  • Diaries or personal notes written at the time or after the incident;
  • Security or cell phone camera footage of abuse taking place;
  • Notes detailing conversations with the victim or nursing home staff;
  • Personal observations from family members or other residents;
  • And testimonies from expert witnesses such as psychologists, financial experts or medical professionals.

A Louisiana nursing home abuse attorney from Morris Bart can help you gather evidence and pursue the maximum compensation. We strive to provide all of our clients with the attention, compassion and respect they deserve. Schedule a consultation today by calling 800-537-8185.

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