Lane departure warnings, backup cameras, inflatables seatbelts – new safety technologies are preventing accidents and saving lives. However, despite these advancements, it is still critical that motorists practice defensive driving.

Defensive driving involves anticipating and avoiding dangerous scenarios. For example, a motorist might choose to wait for a storm to pass before hitting the road, or to maintain a safe distance from drivers who appear impaired or distracted.

If you want to become a better driver and reduce your risk of crashing, remember these six defensive driving tips:

  1. Stay alert;
  2. Be aware of your surroundings;
  3. Never trust drivers;
  4. Always have an escape route;
  5. Reduce your speed;
  6. And remove distractions.

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Let’s take a closer look at six essential tips for safe driving:

  1. Stay Alert

Safety should be every drivers’ top priority. reminds motorists to avoid aggressive and inattentive driving, maintain a safe following distance, and always to buckle up.

  1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Check your mirrors regularly. Your eyes should always be moving and looking for potential hazards. If you notice a motorist driving dangerously or aggressively, then keep your distance. Also, try to avoid driving in other vehicles’ blind spots.

  1. Never Trust Drivers

The saying “expect the worst and hope for the best” is never truer than in the context of driving. Do not assume that other drivers are going to act safely, rationally or responsibly.

Just because a motorist has activated his or her indicators does not necessarily mean that he or she will turn. Just because a traffic light is red does not mean that the driver will stop.

  1. Always Have an Escape Route

For example, avoid driving between two vehicles in adjacent lanes. That way, you can change lanes if you encounter an unexpected hazard.

  1. Reduce Your Speed

It’s common knowledge that drivers should never exceed the speed limit; however, many motorists overlook the fact that posted speeds are often unsafe due to weather or driving conditions. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, speeding contributed to 28 percent of all motor-vehicle accident deaths in 2014.

  1. Remove Distractions

Avoid distractions by putting your phone on silent, asking rowdy passengers to behave, adjusting the GPS before you depart, and ignoring billboards and accident scenes.

Unfortunately, far too many motorists refuse to practice defensive driving. If you were injured in a crash, contact Morris Bart, LLC.

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