Two cars crashedThe roads can be a dangerous place—especially around the holidays. People are more likely to drink and drive during holiday weekends, which is why police officers are typically on high alert during Christmas and New Year’s festivities. When officers do come across drunk drivers, Alabama citizens like to believe they will make the appropriate arrests on the spot; however, that is not always the case.

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Inebriated Driver Was Involved in an Accident but Did Not Cause It

According to FOX10TV, an inebriated driver was involved in a traffic accident two months ago, but authorities did not arrest him. Though he did break the law by testing above the legal limit for alcohol in his system, it turns out he did not cause the multi-vehicle crash. According to the traffic report, an 18-year-old was driving when he failed to yield at an intersection and collided with another vehicle.

A 46-year-old man was driving the other vehicle, and Alabama State Troopers conducted a field sobriety test on him and determined that he had a blood alcohol content of 0.19, more than double the legal limit. State Troopers then began gathering evidence to charge the older man with DUI; however, they did not arrest him at the scene. According to Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich, they did not arrest him because he was not the one who caused the crash.

If he had contributed to the accident in some way, troopers would have arrested him immediately. Because he did not cause the crash, though, authorities instead had to make sure he reached his residence safely and disabled his car. They could then proceed to launch a full investigation and determine the extent of his criminal activities before charging him.

Four-Vehicle Crash Kills One

According to, a four-vehicle crash late last month resulted in one fatality when a woman attempted to avoid a collision and ended up ejecting her passenger instead. The woman was driving a 2002 Ford Escape, which rolled over when she tried to avoid colliding with a 2010 Ford Focus. The Escape struck the Focus and another car, ejecting the passenger from the car.

The passenger in the Escape was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. Officers responded to the scene to find two vehicles rolled over and two others with damages in their rears. Responders rushed the injured passenger to a local hospital, where she died later from her injuries. According to police, the driver of a Mitsubishi Gallant was trying to maneuver onto the shoulder because of mechanical problems.

The driver of the Focus saw this and quickly slowed down, but the driver in the Escape behind her did not have enough time to react and rear-ended the Focus. The Escape then rolled, striking the Gallant on its way and ejecting its passenger.

A fourth driver in a Chevrolet Blazer saw the accident and attempted to avoid it but rolled over instead. There were no other injuries in the crash.

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