In 2002, The Food and Drug Administration approved the Infuse bone graft for only one type of spine surgery — anterior lumbar. Unfortunately, many other unauthorized Infuse implanting surgeries have been performed on patients. If you are one of these patients, Morris Bart can help you with your Infuse lawsuit case.

What is Infuse?

The Infuse bone graft is a medical device produced by Medtronic, Inc., the nation’s largest medical manufacturer, intended to stimulate bone growth. It’s made of a bone morphogenetic protein, or liquid bone protein, that’s inserted in a cage that is then implanted into the spine. Reportedly, 100,000 U.S. patients annually have endured spinal fusion surgery with an Infuse implant.  The FDA approved Medtronic Infuse only for anterior approach lumbar spine surgery.

What Are the Side Effects of Infuse?

Many medical patients have undergone types of surgery other than the one approved for Infuse. The repercussions of these off-label uses have resulted in physical injuries such as uncontrolled bone growth at or near the site of the surgery and chronic pain in the legs or arms. Any swelling as a consequence of neck surgery could result in permanent or even fatal injuries. Victims of improper uses of Infuse are usually sent for pain management treatment post neck and back surgery because of nerve issues and pain.

Filing Infuse Lawsuits

There has been no recall of the Infuse bone graft and filing a lawsuit is the only option for those affected by the implanted device. The Morris Bart personal injury attorneys are assisting clients with lawsuits against Medtronic for the improper and illegal marketing and promotion of Infuse for negligent or off-label uses.

There are strict time limits for filing lawsuits, so a class action case attorney should be consulted immediately regarding these matters!

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