An 18-wheeler hit me on I-10 while I was driving home from downtown New Orleans. I’ve never been in any sort of accident before, and I’ve been out of work for weeks because of my injuries. I don’t know what to do next. I want to make sure I find the best personal injury attorney in New Orleans to help me, but I’m worried about what it might cost. What should I do?

Personal Injury Experts Morris Bart

The first step after being involved in an automobile accident is to gather all information you have related to your accident and contact the personal injury experts at Morris Bart Attorneys at Law as soon as possible.  It is important to seek proper attorney representation when you are injured.

Why Morris Bart?

Morris Bart and his team of attorneys have helped personal injury victims of an auto accident throughout the State of Louisiana for over 30 years.  Mr. Bart’s team of attorneys provides professional and timely customer service to each client. Mr. Bart hires competent attorneys who are trained to properly handle personal injury accident cases caused by the negligence or carelessness of others. When you contact our office, we will make sure you are represented by one of the best personal injury attorneys in New Orleans.

When you are injured in an auto accident, it is important to seek proper medical attention. We will make sure you receive proper medical attention from a doctor who is knowledgeable and cares about your health and wellness. Your medical treatment is important to your case because it proves to the insurance company you were injured in this automobile accident.

Morris Bart & Contingency Fees

I know you are concerned about the cost for the best personal injury attorney in New Orleans, but there is no reason to worry when you contact Morris Bart and his team of attorneys. You will not owe our office any money out of your pocket. We work based on a contingency fee.  Contingency fee means we are not paid unless you are compensated for your pain, suffering, medical bills and lost wages. We have a set fee that will be explained by an attorney when you contact our office.

Remember: Do not give any statements to the insurance companies before contacting our office and speaking to your attorney. The insurance company can use that statement against you at a later date.

Once you contact our office, your attorney will provide you with any other essential information. Thank you for choosing Morris Bart Attorneys at Law.

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