I was in an accident in Shreveport, Louisiana. My insurance company offered me a settlement that I’m not pleased with, but I don’t feel like waiting forever to get my money. How long does it take to complete a personal injury claim? When will I get my compensation?

Personal Injury Claims How Long Do They Take

Now that you have decided to make a claim, the one question that you may ask yourself is, “How long will it be before my claim is completed?”  This is a very good question.  This simple answer to this is question is that the time it takes to complete personal injury claims will vary from case to case.

Every case is unique, therefore the duration of every case is unique.

Every person is unique, every injury is unique, and every case is unique.

Normally, once the claim is made, you will begin therapy for your injuries.  This therapy could continue for days, weeks or months.

The ultimate goal of the therapy is to return you to 100% health. You should NEVER settle your case before you have become completely pain free. 

Never settle your personal injury case until you are entirely recovered.

At the point in time when you have fully recovered from your injuries, your attorney will submit documentation of your injury to the insurance company, and negotiate the best settlement possible to compensate you for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.

When you have been presented an offer which is acceptable, the insurance company will send your attorney a check and a release.  This release means that you have accepted the check in full compensation for all the damages you sustained in the accident.

You will sign the release and then the full amount of the check is paid out to you, your attorney, and your medical bills.

Now your personal injury claim is complete!

If you would like to file a personal injury claim in Shreveport, hire a Morris Bart attorney today.

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