First of all, at Morris Bart, we don’t charge a penny unless we recover for you.

As our client, under our contingency fee arrangement, you would agree to pay us a certain percentage of what we recover for your injury. This means that if we don’t recover for you, our services don’t cost you anything.

A car accident can turn your life upside down. The stress of a damaged vehicle and your bodily injuries are problematic enough; having to haggle with insurance companies when you are going through all of this will just compound the stress caused by the accident.

By hiring a personal injury attorney, you are at a huge advantage…

Personal injury attorneys know insurance companies.

Personal injury attorneys are highly experienced in dealing with insurance companies and insurance adjusters. Insurance companies are businesses; their goal is to keep their costs low and to make money. Insurance companies often try to pay the least amount they can to get rid of your claim. They may make an offer very early in your case, even if you still need medical treatment for your injuries. A personal injury lawyer will help you know when it is time to settle your case, and can communicate with the insurance company to make sure all of your medical bills are sent to the insurance company, so you recover the full amount you deserve for your injury. Most importantly, your attorney’s goal is to do the best he/she can do for YOU, not for the insurance company.

Personal injury attorneys can recover your medical expenses.

Because personal injury attorneys are experienced in making claims with insurance companies, your attorney may alert you to damages the insurance company will pay of which you may not be aware.You could potentially recover for your medical expenses, your pain and suffering, your property damage or loss of your vehicle, the loss of use of your vehicle while it is being repaired, and the diminished value of your vehicle.

Personal injury attorneys know what evidence is necessary to prove your claim and recover as much as possible for you. Hiring an attorney soon after your accident will enable your attorney to begin collecting the medical bills, photos, and documents necessary to prove that you are entitled to payment from the insurance company for all of your damages.

Personal injury attorneys can save you time and frustration.

Similarly, hiring a personal injury attorney can save you the time and frustration of making sure that all of your medical records and bills are submitted to the insurance company in a timely manner Your attorney can manage following up with all of your medical providers to make sure that the insurance company knows about and receives records and bills for all of your treatment. This will save you a great amount of time (and probably a few headaches).

Personal injury attorneys can you get results, faster.

If the insurance company tries to lowball your offer, having an attorney already on your side can result in a faster settlement or, if your claim can’t be settled without filing a lawsuit, in filing the lawsuit much faster. It is a good idea to hire an attorney as soon as possible after you are in an accident; that way, your attorney will be aware of your injuries and medical treatment from day one, and can begin building a file that will prove very useful if a lawsuit must be filed.

Personal injury attorneys know local laws.

Finally, personal injury attorneys are familiar with the specific laws of the state(s) where they practice. Every state has different laws regarding insurance coverage and the time period in which you must make a claim after you are injured. A personal injury attorney will know what types of insurance coverage to look for, and will be able to make claims accordingly, to ultimately make sure you recover as much as you deserve for your injury. Further, if you do not settle your claim with the insurance company or file a lawsuit within a certain amount of time, you could lose the right to recover for your injury entirely. Attorneys deal with these “statutes of limitation” on a regular basis, and can make sure that you don’t lose your right to recover by waiting too long to settle your case or file a lawsuit.

By hiring a Morris Bart after your car accident, you put the worrying into your attorney’s hands so that you can concentrate on what matters most: recovering from your injuries and getting back to the condition you were in before the accident.

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