It’s that time of year again — with April showers and May flowers comes the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, a two-weekend festival experience that brings a stellar music lineup, the best New Orleans food, and local arts and crafts vendors to the New Orleans Fairgrounds every year.

With the festival comes large crowds mixed with alcohol, out-of-town drivers in rental cars, and manic taxi cabs, all increasing the possibility of pedestrian accident injuries.  In preparation for Jazz Fest, here is a list of safety do’s and don’ts for all of you music-loving pedestrians making your annual pilgrimage to the Fair Grounds:

  1. Assume people driving cars do not see you. Drivers may be drunk, tired and sunburned; don’t expect that the drivers see the red light, let alone the periodic Jazz Fest reveler jumping out in the middle of the street.
  2. Beware of bikers. A good rule of thumb is to treat a bike like a car. If you see one coming, don’t think you can run across the street right in front of it. Bikers will come upon you faster and be much slower at stopping than you think.
  3. When walking from Jazz Fest to the location of your post-festing-party, remember that you may be traveling through potentially dangerous areas. Do not walk alone, know where you’re going and be aware of your surroundings.
  4. Do not forget to hydrate! Dehydration can make people disoriented and alcohol adds fuel to the dehydration fire. I cannot count the number of Jazz Fest partiers I have seen take a spill due to too much alcohol and too little water. Don’t look like an amateur, pound that water!

Practice Pedestrian Safety During Festival Season

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