Were your car insurance premiums paid on time? This is probably something that you’ve never considered. If you are lucky, you have never experienced it either.

But, the reality is that many drivers in Louisiana do not maintain minimum liability auto insurance on their vehicles as required by state law. Some sources estimate that as many as 20% of drivers do not have automobile insurance. This can be devastating for a person involved in a car accident injury caused by an uninsured driver. Moreover, the uninsured driver himself will be unable to recover damages that he experiences as a result of a car accident injury caused by an insured driver, because of his uninsured status and Louisiana’s “no pay, no play” law.

If You’re In A Car Accident, Check The Driver’s Car Insurance

As soon as you are involved in a car accident injury, it is important to know whether or not the other driver is insured. Even if you receive insurance information such as a company name and policy number from the other driver or the police, be sure to verify this information. The other driver may have failed to pay his premiums, canceled his coverage, or never had coverage but uses fraudulent documents to elude police.

When police verify proof of auto insurance coverage, all they are required to do is verify that the driver has documentation of auto insurance coverage. Police do not routinely contact the insurance company to determine whether the auto insurance policy is active and premiums are paid.

Whether or not you think you want to make a claim for car accident injury damages or not, contact the other driver’s auto insurance company listed on the card and verify the insurance coverage for the other driver. Once you have verified that the other driver was insured at the time of the car accident injury, you will have a better picture of your options should car accident injuries or vehicle damage become apparent.

How Do I Make Sure My Car Insurance Doesn’t Lapse?

Always remember to pay your car insurance premiums on time. Your car insurance company is required to report any lapse in your mandatory liability coverage. If there is a motor vehicle registered in your name, regardless for the reason for the lapse, your auto insurance company will report any lapse in coverage to the Office of Motor Vehicles. Because a lapse in auto insurance is a violation of state law, you may be subject to criminal prosecution or other fines and penalties as provided by law.

Contact Morris Bart About Your Car Accident Injuries with an Uninsured Driver

If you have been involved in a car accident injury with an uninsured driver, please contact the personal injury attorneys at Morris Bart, LLC Attorneys at Law today.  We offer a free case evaluation with our personal injury attorneys, who will review the details of your case and advise you on the best approach to getting the compensation you deserve.

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