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Four people died and another sustained serious injuries in a two-vehicle accident on Highway 82 in Alabama. According to ABC3340, two of the deceased are children. State troopers said the fatal wreck occurred at approximately 4 p.m. and involved an SUV and a logging truck. The logging truck rolled over and its driver sustained injuries; all of the deceased were in the SUV. Police closed the highway for more than five hours while they investigated the accident. According to Sergeant Steve Jarrett of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, officials do not know the cause of the crash, but it most likely involved driver error. This particular stretch of road is a no-passing zone, but according to Jarrett, many accidents occur because drivers break this law.

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Read on to learn how to share the road with commercial trucks safely:

Trucks and Passenger Vehicles Do Not Operate the Same

According to Nationwide, motorists must be particularly vigilant when driving near large trucks – especially when passing them. Commercial big-rigs tend to have larger blind spots, so the trucker may not see you coming. Also, remember that it takes extra time to pass a large vehicle, so make sure the road ahead is clear if you enter the lane of oncoming traffic in order to overtake the CMV.

Safety Tips When Passing a Truck

Maintain a steady and safe speed when passing a truck. Make sure the cab of the truck is in your rear-view mirror before pulling in front of it. You should only pass on the left side of the truck; this will help the driver see you.

Let Trucks Pass When Appropriate

Being tailgated by a commercial truck is not only uncomfortable, but it is also dangerous. Large vehicles need more distance to stop, so if you hit your brakes suddenly due to an unexpected hazard or slowing traffic, then the trucker may not have time to react. This could lead to a rear-end crash. You can avoid this scenario by letting trucks pass your vehicle when they are following too closely.

Give Commercial Trucks Plenty of Space

Most drivers know they should never tailgate other vehicles. It is also important that you give trucks plenty of space at intersections. Large CMVs need more room to turn, and they often enter adjacent lanes when cornering. Be cautious of this when approaching intersections.

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