I live in Alexandria, LA and was recently rear-ended and injured in a car accident. I already have a lawyer who helped me draw up a will and they set up a power-of-attorney for my elderly parents. Can’t I just have them help me with my car accident? Why do I need a personal injury lawyer?

Different Problems, Different Lawyers. Choose the Right One.

Just as doctors specialize in different areas of medicine, attorneys specialize in different areas of the law. When you hire a personal injury attorney after a car accident, you are hiring a specialist. As personal injury attorneys, we are also car accident attorneys. We handle injuries from car accidents day in and day out. We are familiar in dealing with insurance companies and adjusters.

Experience Matters.

We can easily advise our clients on the processes they will face in getting their vehicles fixed, what it takes to get a rental from the other insurance company, and what is a fair offer for their vehicle if it is determined to be a total loss.

We are familiar with dealing with medical providers and health insurance companies, and helping injured clients navigate their treatment options following an accident.

Most importantly, we know when a settlement offer from an insurance company is fair. This knowledge comes from working consistently on car accidents in Louisiana and the injuries that are caused by them.

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident, even a fender bender, is an exceedingly frustrating experience. It is a process that most people, fortunately, do not have extensive experience handling on their own.

People who are injured in accidents seek out attorneys because they are overwhelmed with the process of dealing with the insurance company, because they want to protect their rights, and because they want to get treatment and compensation for their injuries.

Specialization matters.

The reasons that would cause you to consider hiring a legal specialist to help you with a car accident are the same reasons that should lead you to decide to hire an attorney who specializes in personal injury: you want someone with the experience to make the process easy for you, to protect your rights under the law, and to give you good advice.

The real question is, why would you not go to a personal injury lawyer if you are injured in an accident?

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