Nothing is impossible when it comes to your personal injury

I am often told by insurance adjusters that it is impossible for my client to be injured when the car they occupied sustained no damage in the accident.  Insurance companies like to think that when there is no damage there is no claim, but they are very much mistaken.

Low speed does not mean low injury

Studies have shown that low speed rear-end collisions actually accentuate whiplash injuries.  As car manufacturing standards are becoming more focused on eliminating property damage and more severe injuries, it is becoming increasingly common for there to be little to no property damage after the car has been in a low impact accident.

Cars are now being manufactured to withstand higher impacts without crumpling, which is good for your car, but bad for you.  Instead of your bumper absorbing the impact by crushing, your body is now absorbing the impact of the accident.

Trailer hitches and your accident injury

This is exacerbated when you are in a rear-end collision in a vehicle equipped with a trailer hitch.  First, trailer hitches can hide property damage.  By this I mean that your bumper may not appear to have any damage, but because the hitch transfers the force of the impact directly to your car’s frame your frame may have been damaged.  Frame damage such as this is not always visible and not always detected during an insurance company’s inspection.  Be sure to point this out to anyone inspecting your vehicle!

Second, in transferring the force directly to the frame, the hitch is also transferring it directly to the occupants of the vehicle.  This results in a 22% increased risk of whiplash in a rear-end collision!  When you take all of this into account, an occupant of a vehicle that has sustained little to no damage in a rear-end collision is actually MORE likely to suffer from whiplash than if their vehicle had sustained more damage.

Trust your body and seek our help

If you are feeling sore after being rear-ended, do not let the absence of property damage dissuade you from making an accident injury claim!  Call the personal injury attorneys at Morris Bart to see if you have a case.

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