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Louisiana Legislature convenes at least once a year to enact new laws for the state, and changing Louisiana traffic laws are no exception. In the 2017 Regular Session, a number of laws were changed or added – including ones dealing with traffic cameras, driver’s education for young drivers, driver’s licenses, and more.

Here are some of the notable changes that could affect you:

Speed Camera Updates

What it says: Local municipal authorities or local parish authorities shall post signs indicating that a mobile and fixed location speed camera is present within five hundred feet of each mobile and fixed location speed camera in such a manner as to be clearly visible to traffic approaching the speed camera.

What it means for you: Traffic cameras have become a hot button topic in many parts of Louisiana. Many municipalities, including Jefferson Parish, have moved forward with removing them while others have added even more. Are they a nuisance or important for driver and pedestrian safety? Well, the Louisiana Legislature has not made a decision either way yet, but they have made this step forward to require a city or other municipality that uses speed cameras to put up signs – within 500 ft. of them – thereby letting drivers know of their existence. Cities like New Orleans already have signs, but this will likely be a welcome law for drivers in other parts of the state to give them warning to slow down before receiving a fine in the mail a few weeks later.

Reference: Statute 32:45

Driver Education Updates

What it says: The Department of Public Safety and Corrections shall establish rules and regulations to administer and define the requirements of the [driver’s education] course. The rules and regulations established by the Department of Public Safety and Corrections shall provide for instruction relative to:

  • Trailer safety
  • The economic effects of littering
  • Appropriate driver conduct when stopped by a law enforcement officer

What it means for you: For young people trying to get a driver’s license, a new addition to the curriculum has been added. Now, instead of just learning the rules of the road, driver safety, and why you should not litter, Louisiana Legislature has added young drivers should be taught “appropriate driver conduct” when pulled over by a police officer. This change in the law seeks to inform young drivers how to act when you get stopped. The aim of the law is to educate young drivers and hopefully make the job of police offers a little safer during traffic stops.

References: Statutes 32:402.1(A)(1)(a)32:407(A)(2)(a)32:408(A)(1)

While none of these changes are major and won’t affect everyone, Louisiana Legislature is constantly updating, adding, and changing traffic laws to improve the safety of drivers and keep them informed of what’s ahead. Stay tuned for 2018 when the state legislature meets again.

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