What made you want to be a personal injury lawyer?

Injury Attorney My Legal Inspiration

My mother was my legal inspiration.

My mother is probably my greatest inspiration. During my younger years, my mother worked as a legal secretary for a legal services company that offered free and low cost legal services to individuals based on their income.  She would work long hours and sometimes sacrifice quality time with the family in order to work late to do the best job for her clients. Even at a young age, I recognized the pride and respect she had for the profession.

The law allows you to help others.

As I grew older, I loved to spend my free time volunteering with different community service organizations, and I knew I wanted to have a career that would allow me the opportunity to interact directly with people and really feel like I was making a difference in their lives. However, that left a lot of career options for me to consider. I was not a star math or science student, but I really enjoyed reading and writing.  I felt those skills would serve me well in the legal profession, so I ultimately decided to pursue law.

Now that I am an active member of the legal profession, I am reminded every day that it is truly a privilege and an honor to be a lawyer. I get to help Biloxi residents every day.

I get to help rebuild lives.

I not only get the opportunity to form bonds with people during traumatic events in their lives, but I also get to help guide them through the rebuilding process afterwards.  Most clients are extremely vulnerable after a traumatic event, like a car wreck, and they place a great amount of trust in their lawyers.

It is a great responsibility, but the most rewarding part of the process is to see my clients once their injuries have healed and to know that I have worked to make sure they have received the maximum compensation for their injuries.   Seeing their smiles and absorbing their appreciation is what continues to make being a personal injury attorney at Morris Bart of Biloxi worthwhile for me.

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