Motorcycle Racing GlovesEven the safest motorcyclists cannot control the actions of negligent drivers. This is one reason why these vehicles are among the most dangerous ways to travel.

Each year, thousands of motorcyclists are seriously injured in crashes. In 2014, 81 people in Louisiana died in motorcycle accidents, according to Louisiana Crash Data Reports. In that same period, more than 1,500 sustained injuries.

Many accidents that occur because of negligent motorists are unavoidable, but there are certain measures you can take as a motorcyclist to reduce the risk of crashing. For example, Louisiana offers a range of motorcycle safety courses, which can help riders improve their skills and reduce the risk of serious collisions.

If you were the innocent victim of a motorcycle accident and are suffering from injuries, contact Morris Bart, LLC today. We have a team of more than 50 attorneys available to offer legal guidance. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to recover compensation from the negligent driver to pay for medical expenses and lost wages.

Call our firm today at 1-800-537-8185 to schedule an appointment with a Lafayette personal injury attorney. In the meantime, read on for three courses that the Louisiana Motorcycle Safety, Awareness, and Operator Training Program offers to improve motorcycle skills:

  1. Basic Course

The basic course of the Louisiana Motorcycle Safety, Awareness, and Operator Training Program improves both mental preparation and riding skills. The class is in the form of 15 30-minute sessions, and includes hands-on training and classroom instruction. The teacher will also take you into a controlled environment to ride your own or a provided motorcycle.

  1. Intermediate Course

If you have a basic level of experience riding a motorcycle, the five-hour practical course may be a good option. This class will enhance your cornering, braking and defensive-riding skills. You will also learn risk management strategies for riding in traffic. In order to participate in this course, you must have graduated from the basic course or have a valid Louisiana license endorsement.

  1. Advanced Course

The advanced rider course lasts eight hours and includes a combination of classroom and physical instruction. This is a suitable option for people who have skills and experience riding a motorcycle.

The advanced course covers several aspects of motorcycle safety. These include how to manage risk, as well as how to brake, corner and swerve effectively. The instructor will also assess your riding skills and on-cycle behavior to provide useful insight and tips on how to remain even safer on the roads.

Unfortunately, even the most experienced motorcyclists get in collisions with motorists. If you were in a motorcycle accident that left you with serious injuries and expensive medical bills, contact Morris Bart, LLC today.

We can investigate your accident and determine if you may have valid grounds for a civil lawsuit. To speak with a Lafayette personal injury lawyer about your potential case, call us today at 1-800-537-8185.

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