Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience, but it comes with certain dangers. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there are 26 times more deaths on motorcycles than in cars per mile traveled in the United States.

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Even the safest motorcyclists cannot control the actions of other drivers. Motorcycles are difficult to see and less stable than passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, a collision is likely to end in catastrophic injuries.

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How Accidents with Left-Turning Vehicles Happen

According to RideApart.com, left-turning vehicles are the most common reasons for motorcycle crashes. These collisions happen when a driver fails to see a motorcyclist or judges a biker’s speed incorrectly, and then turns in front of the rider at an intersection.

There are several reasons why drivers make this error. In most cases, distracted driving plays a role; other times, a motorist fails to anticipate an approaching motorcycle.

How to Avoid Accidents with Left-Turning Cars

The best way to avoid these accidents is to notice the warning signs and ride defensively. Scan the road ahead and pay attention to any upcoming exits or intersections.

Treat any left-turning vehicle as an immediate threat. According to Motorcycle Central, if there is a car at an intersection waiting to turn left and a gap appears in the traffic ahead of you, it is critical that you pay extra attention.

Adhere to the speed limit at all times. If you are driving too fast you may have difficulty stopping in time. A slower speed gives you more time to react.

Look for signs that the driver may not have seen you. Evaluate his or her body language, but do not rely on making eye contact with the driver to confirm that he or she noticed you. Watch the vehicle’s movements – particularly the front tire.

In most crashes involving a motorcycle and a left-turning vehicle, the driver of the passenger car is at fault. He or she may be liable for damages including medical expenses, time off work and other losses related to injuries.

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