The life of a motorcycle passenger is entirely in the hands of the driver. All it takes is a small mistake to cause an accident, and an impact with the pavement or another vehicle is likely to cause catastrophic injuries.

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Although passengers do not have direct control over the motorcycle, there are steps they can take to help the driver avoid crashing:

  1. Use the footrests – even when the bike is stationary
  2. Avoid abrupt movements
  3. Maintain a firm grip
  4. Do not ride if you are not tall enough
  5. Keep your feet away from the exhausts

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Let’s take a closer look at five ways motorcycle passengers can help prevent accidents:

  1. Use the Footrests – Even When the Bike Is Stationary

You may be tempted to place your feet on the pavement when the bike stops at an intersection. Many passengers assume that this will help the driver stabilize the bike.

However, Ride Apart warns passengers that taking their feet off the footrests will actually destabilize the bike. It is the driver’s responsibility to maintain balance when the motorcycle is stationary. Also, if the driver suddenly accelerates from the stationary position and your feet are not on the footrests, then you may lose your balance and cause the bike to fall.

  1. Avoid Abrupt Movements

Your movements will directly affect the bike’s handling. Try to remain as still as possible so the driver can maintain control.

  1. Maintain a Firm Grip

If the bike has handholds for the passenger, then grip them tightly. If there are no handholds, then grasp the driver’s waist. Maintain your grip until the driver switches off the engine.

  1. Do Not Ride If You Are Not Tall Enough

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, it is not safe to transport passengers who cannot reach the footrests. Short passengers are more likely to lose their balance and destabilize the bike.

  1. Keep Your Feet Away from the Exhausts

A short period of riding can make a motorcycle’s exhausts extremely hot. Before you depart, take note of where the mufflers are located relative to the footrests, and try to avoid contacting them with your feet.

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