Distracted driving is a widespread problem that causes thousands of injuries in the United States each year. According to Distraction.gov, accidents caused by distracted driving are increasing annually.

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Most drivers have been distracted at some point, and the situation usually does not end in a crash. However, one mistimed text message or spilled cup of coffee can cause a fatal accident.

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Read on for seven tips to help you avoid distracted driving:

  1. Focus All of Your Attention on the Act of Driving

The American Automobile Association highlights the importance of staying focused on the act of driving. You should actively check the road ahead, be alert to other road users, cyclists and pedestrians, and always use your mirrors. Do not let anything divert your attention away from these important tasks.

  1. Get Comfortable before You Start the Engine

Make sure you are comfortable and ready to drive before you start the engine. Check that your mirrors, seat, navigation system, air conditioner and car entertainment system are correctly set. Do not try to adjust any of these while you are driving.

  1. Limit Passengers and Activity in the Vehicle

Limit the number of passengers in your vehicle – particularly if you are an inexperienced driver. A car full of loud and active passengers can be a dangerous distraction. If you have no choice but to transport multiple passengers, request that they remain still and quiet, and ensure that everyone wears a seatbelt.

  1. Do Not Eat or Drink

Do not eat or drink behind the wheel. Try to eat a meal before you leave, and pull over in a safe place if you need a snack. If you are taking a long journey, the AAA recommends avoiding messy foods that can be difficult to handle.

  1. Secure Loose Equipment

Secure any loose equipment or objects before you depart. If other people use your vehicle, or if there is a chance a child has dropped a toy or object that may cause a distraction, take a quick look around the vehicle before you start the engine.

  1. Avoid Electronic Distractions

Do not be tempted to check your cell phone or other electronic devices while driving. If you use your cell phone for navigation purposes, purchase a cradle that can keep the device visible without having to move your head. Never try to text, send emails or play games while driving.

  1. Do Not Multitask

Many drivers erroneously believe they can multitask behind the wheel. Multitasking while driving includes searching for music, talking to friends and texting. All of these can distract your attention long enough to cause an accident. Focus on one task while behind the wheel: safely driving your vehicle.

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