All car accidents are nerve-racking experiences, and it can be difficult to notice or remember important details. Even if another driver was obviously responsible for the wreck, this may be difficult to prove if he or she denies liability – or flees from the scene.

view of dashboard a car on white

view of dashboard a car on white

Footage from a dashboard camera may be valuable evidence after a collision. It can capture the events that led to the crash. This may help your accident lawyer prove negligence and liability.

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Dashboard Camera Footage Can Strengthen Your Injury Claim

Dashboard cameras are growing more popular in the United States. These devices can capture details before, during and after a car crash. Your accident attorney may be able to use this footage to prove another driver acted negligently or contributed to the accident.

Dashcams can be particularly important if there was only minor property damage. The footage may convince a judge or jurors that the impact caused your injuries. It may also show the defendant driving erratically or failing to adhere to the rules of the road shortly before the incident.

Three Dashboard Camera Features to Consider

Not all dashboard cameras provide the same value. The following are three basic features you should consider when purchasing a dashboard cam:

  1. Video Quality

Make sure your camera captures high-quality video. Otherwise, it may not provide adequate details to support your claim. Look for a camera that is 1080p with a minimum frame rate of 30 frames per second.

  1. Camera Size

Look for a camera that is small and discreet. You do not want the camera to distract you from driving. Some states also place restrictions on the size of the camera that you can mount on your dashboard.

  1. Storage Capacity

Look for a camera that uses an SD card so you can increase its storage capacity. Most cameras will record over footage once they reach capacity, so be sure to get at least a 32 gigabyte card.

A 32GB card will capture up to 10 hours of high-definition video. If you are in an accident, make sure you remove the card from the device to prevent it from recording over the footage of the crash.

There are certain legal considerations that may apply to your use of a dashboard camera. In addition to the size limitations, if your camera captures both audio and video, then you may need to inform passengers.

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