car accident and wrecked car on the roadThere are countless reasons a car accident might occur, and everything from poor road conditions to distracted drivers can ultimately lead to disaster. According to, Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson wants to ensure that drivers remain safe on the roads in his city, and he has proposed to spend more than $340,000 in citywide projects to do just that. Of course, even with perfect roads and sidewalks, reckless or negligent drivers can still cause collisions.

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Five Different Improvement Contracts on the Proposal

Stimpson is presenting five different improvement contracts to the City Council for consideration. The projects range from ditch improvements and sidewalk restoration to pipeline and guardrail installation, and all contractors bid for them competitively. They would be completed during the 2015 fiscal year if the Mobile City Council approves them.

Stimpson is optimistic that his improvements will help pedestrians and drivers alike. For example, according to FOX10tv, he said in a prepared statement that mothers need sidewalks that are smooth to push their baby strollers when running errands. Stimpson also believes drivers need guardrails to help prevent excess damage during collisions, and his proposed project will make the city’s roadways safer for everyone.

Mobile Is on Its Way to Being the Safest, Most Family-Friendly City in America

If these five resolutions are enacted, Stimpson is certain Mobile will be on its way to being the safest, most family-friendly city in America. If the proposals are accepted, he plans on having the four engineering companies start the design work immediately. The five projects would affect every one of the city’s seven council districts in a positive way.

Staying true to his campaign, Stimpson recruited businesses owned by minorities to bid for each improvement project. For the citywide sidewalk repairs and maintenance, almost a $60,000 job, Stimpson selected A.G. Gaston Construction Co., one of Alabama’s leading minority-owned companies. This would be the first time the city of Mobile has granted a contract to them.

Stimpson is adamant that these five projects are only the beginning, and he claims the city will continue to reach out to other minority-run companies in the coming years to support their businesses. The city’s engineering department selected each of the winning bids from companies based on their past success and overall experience. Not only will the improvement projects help Mobile businesses early next year, but they will also help residents for decades to come.

Don’t Wait to Speak With an Accident Attorney

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