Want to hit the open road on the two wheels of a motorcycle in the state of Mississippi? Before you drive off into the sunset, get to know some important Mississippi laws and safety regulations.

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You must be licensed to operate a motorcycle:

If you live in Mississippi, get a Mississippi motorcycle endorsement. According to Mississippi Code Annotated Section 63-1-6, no person shall drive or operate a one without first obtaining an operator’s license that includes a motorcycle endorsement. In order to obtain an endorsement, you must first hold a valid Mississippi driver’s license. Then you can get a temporary permit. After further testing and inspection of your bike, you can obtain a 4- or 8-year endorsement.

You must be properly equipped:

  • Every motorcycle MUST be equipped with at least one, but no more than two, headlamps that comply with the levels of lighting required by all motor vehicles. (MS Code Annotated Section 63-7-13)
  • Every motorcycle must be equipped with at least one brake, which may be operated by hand or foot. (MS Code Annotated Section 63-7-51)
  • No person shall operate or ride any motorcycle unless wearing a crash helmet that complies with the minimum guidelines of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration pursuant to federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218. (MS Code Annotated Section 63-7-84)

You must follow all safety guidelines:

  • The state of Mississippi takes motorcycle safety seriously. In fact, if a person purchases a motorcycle from a retailer, Mississippi law requires that $50 of the amount paid for the bike goes to the Mississippi Trauma Care Systems Fund.
  • Mississippi requires riders to know and follow the safety guidelines in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Motorcycle Operator Manual.

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