A crash on U.S. 80 between a Mack tractor-trailer and a 2013 Ford pickup caused the death of 60-year-old Dallas Hamilton. Hamilton was driving the Ford. The tractor-trailer driver did not sustain injuries.

According to WRBL, the semi-truck caught fire after the collision. Emergency responders blocked U.S. 80 while they attended the scene.

How Common Are Commercial Truck Wrecks?

This tragic crash highlights the fact that passenger vehicle occupants tend to suffer the worst of the impact in truck accidents. In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 68 percent of all truck wreck fatalities in 2014 were passenger vehicle occupants.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that these collisions are alarmingly common. In 2013, there were 342,000 truck crashes. These caused injures to 95,000 people and nearly 4,000 deaths.

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4 Tips to Help Passenger-Vehicle Drivers Avoid Truck Accidents

Next time you drive on the highway, keep these four safety tips in mind:

  1. Avoid Trucks’ Blind Spots

It’s easy for small cars to disappear in the large blind spots of 18 wheelers. There are typically four blind spots on commercial trucks: next to each side mirror, in front and in the back.

The most dangerous blind spots are those on the sides of the truck because vehicles that are adjacent to a big rig are vulnerable to side-swipes. As such, all drivers should minimize the time they spend travelling in trucks’ blind spots.

  1. Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Drivers who tailgate commercial trucks cannot see the road ahead. They may not be prepared to stop if the truck encounters an unexpected hazard in the road.

  1. Pull Far off the Road If You Need to Stop

It is never safe to pull over on a busy highway, but if you have no choice, then make sure your vehicle is as far off the road as possible. This will reduce the likelihood of being rear-ended by a tractor-trailer.

  1. Give Trucks Plenty of Space When Turning

Trucks need a wider turn angle than passenger vehicles. They often take up two lanes when cornering. If you approach an intersection and an 18 wheeler is about to turn, then slow down and expect the vehicle to enter your lane.

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