I was recently hurt in a car accident in Monroe, Louisiana, and the insurance company wants to offer me a settlement. My friend told me that they’re just trying to keep me from filing a personal injury lawsuit. How can a personal injury attorney help me in this situation?

Minor Accident Injuries Don't Underestimate Them

A personal injury lawyer can help you in multiple ways in this situation, since the insurance company is trying to close your case as soon as possible.

First, an attorney can help with the damage to the vehicle by guiding you through the repair process, or if your car is a total loss, a lawyer can make sure the insurance company is paying you the fair value on the vehicle.

Do not underestimate “minor” accident injuries.

The other way a lawyer can help you is medically.

Many cases where people have serious injuries start the same way as non serious injuries.

If you assume your aches and pains are minor and will go away and you sign a release with the insurance company, you could be in trouble later on. Perhaps you go see your doctor later and they tell you that you have a herniated disk, and they say that the car accident probably caused it.

If you signed a release already, it is too late to make the insurance company pay; now you have to pay for necessary medical care.

If you had gotten a lawyer, they would have advised you to not settle your case until you were back to your pre-accident condition. Lawyers also know the law and the value of your case, whereas an insurance company is going to try to pay out as little money as possible.

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