Each state handles car accidents, claims and insurance according to its own laws and systems, and it is important to have a general idea of which steps to take in the event of a Louisiana car accident. States generally adhere to one of two systems when it comes to liability and insurance following a vehicle accident. These systems are “fault” and “no-fault,” and your claim process will be different depending on which system your state utilizes.

Filing a claim for compensation following a car accident can be somewhat overwhelming, and if you are suffering from car accident injuries, a personal-injury lawyer in Alexandria may be able to simplify the process and improve your chances of filing a successful claim.

Is Louisiana a No Fault State

Louisiana currently follows a fault system, which has the following implications for car accident claims:

In the state of Louisiana, the court will attempt to identify who was legally at fault in the event of a car crash and will hold that driver accountable. According to DMV.org, the fault system holds the guilty driver liable for any injuries or property damage. In most cases, the negligent driver’s insurance company will cover the damages.

As an innocent car accident victim, this has an impact on how you can proceed with a claim. There are three primary ways to claim compensation from the negligent driver: directly with your own insurance company, with the other driver’s insurance company or through a personal injury lawsuit.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Many people choose to file their personal-injury claims through a personal-injury lawsuit and rely on the assistance of an experienced lawyer who has knowledge regarding cases of this nature. The Louisiana Department of Public Safety requires drivers to have minimum insurance levels, but if the negligent driver does not have enough to cover your injuries, it may be more effective to follow a civil procedure.

Regardless of the circumstances of your crash and how you attempt to file a claim, it may be beneficial to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. At Morris Bart, LLC, we handle a variety of car accident claims, and we pride ourselves on skillfully representing people who suffer injuries due to another person’s negligence. Car accident claims are often complicated, but we can assess the circumstances surrounding your accident and determine if you may be able to recover medical expenses and lost wages due to injuries. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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