Your Louisiana personal injury lawyer, Morris Bart, has collected the latest road and accident news, along with some tips, in order to keep you safe.

There were 24 fatal crashes involving bicyclist in 2012, according to a new report released by the Louisiana State Highway Commission. Six these fatal bike accidents involved alcohol. Even though these numbers might sound alarming, some cyclists feel like awareness is actually getting better.

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Out of those statewide deaths, 10 of the fatal accidents were said to have been in the New Orleans metropolitan area. Still, this number is not as shocking as the total amount of fatal and non-fatal accidents combined in the state of Louisiana that year, which was a total of 913.

The Regional Planning Commission says that it will still continue to raise awareness for both pedestrians and bicycle riders. Some of the awareness will include designing or constructing projects in areas that seem to be the most problematic for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Some tips that can help drivers be more aware of cyclists include: checking mirrors for riders, give the right of way when needed and do not drive too close to cyclists.

Being aware of bike lanes in your city is also very helpful, since drivers will definitely know to expect cyclists on the road in those areas. Keeping these things in mind can help prevent accidents which could possibly result in the death of someone.

Bicyclists should not remain without respect on the road simply because they choose to use an alternative method of traveling to automobiles. If you’re ever out riding in Lafayette or elsewhere and are hit by a passing vehicle, give our personal injury office a call.

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