The life cycle of the personal injury claims process involves the combination of many factors starting with the injured client. At the car accident scene, if you are injured, please seek medical treatment. Do not try to drive home. You will likely feel an adrenaline rush and will not want to go to a hospital. Go to the hospital if you are hurt; especially, if you have open wounds and feel like you are “shaken up.” You need medical treatment for your physical and mental well-being and for documentation from medical professionals concerning your injuries.

If you are able to, try to snap a few photos of the scene of the car accident and your vehicle damage. See your family doctor after the accident for a follow up. He may prescribe additional treatment for your car accident injury, such as physical therapy. Your doctor may also order additional x-rays , CT Scans, or MRIs.

Do not settle your personal injury case until you know what is wrong with your or you are completely healed up. Sometimes car accident injuries weaken areas in your spine that flare up months after an accident. Bulges in your spine can become herniations over time. The auto insurance company may try to cozy up with you to get you to settle your bodily injury claim, not considering the full extent of your injuries.

Here is a brief overview of the life cycle of a car accident injury claim and why you may need help from a personal injury attorney.  A well-qualified car accident attorney will assist you with your case:

  1. Assist you with the property damage; It is important that you get your vehicle out of tow yard which can charge you $35.00 a day
  2. Follow up with you and your treatment to make sure you are ok
  3. Order certified complete records and bills from your medical providers
  4. Try to minimize harassment from bill collectors
  5. Send in a demand to the insurance company which will take approximately 30 days for them to review.
  6. Verify outstanding balances to providers
  7. Broker the best possible settlement for you or go to trial

We Can Help With Your Car Accident Injuries

If you have been involved in a car accident injury, please contact the personal injury attorneys at Morris Bart, LLC Attorneys at Law today.  We offer a free case evaluation with our personal injury attorneys, who will review the details of your case and help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your car accident injury.

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