Uber tends to be cheaper and more convenient than traditional taxis, but passengers still face the same dangers. No matter how great your driver’s reviews are, all it takes is one error to cause a major accident. If you were injured in an Uber accident – whether as a passenger, another driver or a pedestrian – then you probably have questions about insurance liability. Is the driver’s insurance company liable for damages? Can I sue Uber?

Legal consequences of medical error

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How to Determine Insurance Liability after an Uber Crash

The first step in recovering compensation after an Uber accident is to determine who is liable for damages. There are several insurance policies to consider after a ride-share crash.

If you were a passenger in an Uber vehicle and another driver hit the Uber, then that driver’s insurance policy should pay for damages. However, if the Uber driver caused the wreck, then determining liability is more complicated.

Uber drivers use their own vehicles to carry passengers, so they are required to purchase auto insurance that meets the minimum liability limits. This insurance policy will pay for damages if the Uber driver causes a collision while he or she is not on the clock.

Uber drivers are also covered by the company’s commercial vehicle insurance policy. This policy will pay for damages if the driver was transporting Uber customers at the time of the accident. If there were no passengers in the vehicle and an Uber driver hit a pedestrian between fares, then a contingent insurance policy will most likely apply.

Determining insurance liability is just one step toward recovering compensation after an Uber accident. You or your personal-injury lawyer will also have to interview witnesses, gather evidence, calculate damages and fight for a fair payout.

3 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Using Uber

According to USA Today, there have been several reports of imposter Uber drivers and even passengers being assaulted by drivers. Although these are rare incidents, Uber customers should protect themselves by taking these three safety measures:

  1. Review the Driver’s Ratings: You can use Uber’s review feature to see if previous passengers have complained about the driver.
  1. Verify Your Driver’s Identify: Uber gives customers access to the driver’s photo, first name and license plate number, as well as a picture of the vehicle. You can avoid getting in a vehicle with a fake Uber driver by verifying this information.
  1. Contact a Friend during the Ride: A deranged driver is less likely to harm a customer if he or she is in constant contact with a friend during the ride.

If you were injured while using a ride-share service in Louisiana, contact Morris Bart, LLC. Our attorneys know the tactics that insurance companies use to deny and undervalue claims, and we will help you fight for the maximum compensation. Call 800-537-8185 to schedule a free consultation with an accident attorney in Shreveport.

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