I’m a full-time student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. I was recently walking to class, using the crosswalk, and a car ran a red light and hit me. I had multiple injuries including broken bones, and I’ve missed a lot of classes. Should I hire a personal injury lawyer? I don’t have a lot of money, and I’m worried about what it might cost.

Legal Strategy Development and Implementation

“Should you hire a personal injury attorney?” depends on a number of factors.

However, it is worthwhile to understand the implications of legal representation and how a lawyer can help to advocate getting the best results for you.  Additionally, at Morris Bart, we will offer a free consultation to discuss your case with you.

The personal injury attorneys here at Morris Bart LLC are experienced with cases like yours. We have ample skill and practice working with insurance companies, both adjusters and attorneys, and will not be confused by their strategies or feel pressured to settle for an unsatisfactory or inadequate amount.

We will develop a legal strategy.

We will develop a legal strategy designed to help get you any and all compensation available for your injuries, considering all layers of insurance coverage available, including first and third party liability.

First, we will skillfully examine the mechanical aspects and factual basis of your case.

The attorneys at Morris Bart are skilled in dealing most effectively and quickly with the opposing side. This is particularly important during the fact-finding part of your case when parties are required to exchange facts and documents.

Second, an attorney will help medically manage your case.

We can help you sort through medical referrals, negotiate bills, submit health insurance billing, and send bills to be paid through first-party coverage available (Medical Payments Coverage –MedPay).

Lastly, we work with you on a contingency-fee basis, i.e. if you don’t win, we don’t collect.

Similarly, no payment is required up front; however, hiring a personal injury attorney is well worth your money. The results of a 1999 study from the Insurance Research Council (IRC) suggest that the decision to hire an attorney pays significant dividends for accident victims pursuing an auto insurance claim. According to the Consumer Panel Survey of Auto Accident Victims, “Paying for Auto Injuries,” settlements for injury victims were 40 percent higher with attorney representation than without it.

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