Choosing a safe, comfortable nursing home for your loved one is a complicated endeavor. In addition to obvious factors such as affordability and location, it is also important to evaluate the facility for signs of abuse and neglect.

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, nursing home abuse affects up to 10 percent of retirement home residents.

If you are looking for a nursing home for a family member or loved one, it is important that you do your research. Here are four steps to keep in mind:

  1. Research the facility online;
  2. Understand your loved one’s wants and needs;
  3. Get opinions and recommendations;
  4. And inspect the nursing home in person.

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Let’s take a closer look at four steps you should take when evaluating a nursing home:

  1. Research the facility online.

There are several online resources, such as the Louisiana Nursing Home Association, which contain information about the safety and reputation of nursing homes in this state. You should also look for online reviews by searching the facility’s name on Google.

  1. Understand your loved one’s wants and needs.

If your loved one requires specialized care for certain health conditions or physical disabilities, then find a nursing home that can accommodate those needs. You should also ask your family member if he or she has specific requests regarding the nursing home’s activities or location.

  1. Get opinions and recommendations.

Speak to friends, colleagues and family members who have compared nursing homes in the past. Do they recommend a particular facility? Is there a nursing home you should avoid?

  1. Inspect the nursing home in person.

The only way to understand how a nursing home operates is to visit it in person. Do not schedule a visit to the nursing home; rather, go to the facility unannounced.

Ask the staff about their training, qualifications and years of experience. Ask residents if they are happy, and if they have ever experienced abuse or neglect.

Be mindful that constantly ringing telephones, foul smells, residents with bad hygiene, and refusals to answer questions are warning signs of an unsafe facility.

Hallways and bathrooms should be free of clutter, and they should have handrails. The home should offer plenty of leisure activities and accommodate your loved one’s religious preferences and dietary restrictions.

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