You have a right to recover from an at fault driver regardless of your legal status. If you are driving a vehicle with valid insurance and are in an accident which is not your fault, you have the right to recover for any injuries and damages you sustain as a result of that accident regardless of your immigration status.

Many people are scared to come forward and seek compensation for their injuries because they believe they have no rights based on being undocumented. This is not correct. The insurance companies are required to pay for any damages regardless of your immigration status. If the insurance company tries to deny payment on that basis, they could be liable for additional damages for bad faith.

Additionally, there is no reporting requirement on either the attorney or the insurance company.  That does not mean they will never report someone they believe to be an illegal immigrant but that it is not very likely. As such if you are in an accident, contact an attorney to discuss your rights and to get help in this difficult time.

Usted tiene el derecho de recuperar su seguro con la agencia de seguros por cualquier daño que ha sufrido, sea usted documentado o no.  Si usted conduce un vehículo asegurado y estuvo en un accidente sin ser culpado, tiene el derecho de recuperar dinero por los daños de su propiedad asi como daños personales sin considerar su estado de migrante.  Muchas personas creen que no tienen derechos, pero están equivocados. Las compañías de seguros tienen la obligacion de pagar por el daño que sufrió. Si no pagan por ser indocumentado, es posible que tengan que pagar más dinero por no cumplir con la ley.  Tambien las compañias de seguro y los abogados no estan obligados de reportar con la inmigracion.  Eso no aseguara que no van a reportarlo, pero es muy probable que no lo hagan.  Por eso, si usted tiene un accidente, llame a un abogado para discutir sus derechos y obtener ayuda en este tiempo dificíl.

If you or someone you know is an immigrant and has been rejected for accident injury coverage, the Morris Bart personal injury lawyers can help you with your case. Make the call today!

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