I’m a Harley rider and I was recently hit by a car on my motorcycle in Lafayette, LA. I don’t like dealing with lawyers, but my wife says I should find an attorney. How can hiring a personal injury attorney help me?

Insurance Claim Scams And How To Combat Them

First of all, I would like to extend to you my sympathy; being in an accident can be a traumatic experience both emotionally and physically for both you and your family.

You need someone on your side fighting for you and guiding you through this time making sure you are fairly compensated for your injuries both now and for the future.

Plain and simple, insurance companies are in the business to keep costs low.

The adjusters’ job is to pay you the least amount possible for your insurance claim.

The highly trained and experienced attorneys at Morris Bart work for you and will ensure that you are rightfully compensated for your injury. We know all the “tricks” used by the insurance company and most importantly know the law in order to get the maximum compensation for your claim.

But you have to act promptly in order to build the best case possible.

You need to see a doctor for your injuries, not only to come up with a treatment plan to get you back to where you were prior to the accident but to document your injuries in order to causally link them to the accident.

Morris Bart has built connections with medical providers throughout the state, so if you do not have a doctor or cannot afford one, we can help. It is also necessary to start requesting essential documentation to the case, including medical records and bills.

We will ensure that these bills are paid by the insurance company in addition to your pain and suffering. It is also necessary to act timely; the statute of limitations to file a lawsuit is one year from the date of the accident.

Lastly, we work on a “contingency fee” arrangement, meaning we get a percentage of the settlement received. In other words, there is no cost to you; we only get paid if you get paid.

The firm has been in business for more than 35 years, you can rest assure that your case is going to be given the attention it deserves. We deal with a wide array of personal injury cases ranging from soft tissue to serious injuries, even death. And each case is given the same high level of professionalism and attention as the next. We have more than 85 attorneys ready to handle your case with offices across the state; you just have to make that “one call!”

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