I was in a car crash recently in Gulfport. I know I should hire an attorney to help me get compensation for my injuries, but I’m not sure what kind of information they will need to get started? What can I expect when hiring a personal injury lawyer?

Injury Claims Give a Little Get a Lot

When you hire Morris Bart, you will get immediate personal service.

What we need from you:

When you call us we just need the:

  1. Date of the accident
  2. Your name
  3. Social security number

That’s it!

If you have the name of the police department , accident case number, and the defendant’s name that is great too. It is also great if you have the location of your vehicle if it has been towed away.

If you don’t have this information that’s no problem.

What we will do for you:

  1. Order the police report for you. We attach it as a cost to your case so you don’ t have to go to the police department and pay for it.
  2. Order your medical records. We order certified records, the records you pick up yourself don’t have all the data that insurance companies need to evaluate your case.
  3. Order your medical bills. Insurance companies need to have special bills with universal billing codes; if you pick up your own bills they won’ t have those codes on them.
  4. Take property damage photographs. You have to preserve this crucial evidence.
  5. Research the defendant to find out what insurance coverage they have.

All of these items will be highly useful when drafting your injury claims.

Not to forget that your health is the most important thing! We follow up with you to make sure you make physical therapy appointments, MRI appointments, and specialist appointments. We try to find medical providers in your area to limit your travel. Insurance companies aren’t your friends. Think about it. They make money by not paying you money.

Morris Bart has a team of attorneys who know what information insurance companies need to evaluate your case and to maximum your recovery.

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