Everyone knows that texting and driving is extremely dangerous.  In fact, according to a Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study, a texting driver’s risk of a car accident injury increases 23 times when compared to a driver without any distractions.  As a result, texting and driving is illegal in 39 states, including Louisiana.

In an attempt to increase safety and comply with the law, many people use “voice-to-text” apps, such as Siri, Google’s speech recognition on Android phones, or Vlingo, which allow users to “text” without having to manually touch their phones.  Many drivers assume that because they do not have to manually operate their phones, they can drive safely, while still continuing to text.

Voice-to-text apps are as dangerous as texting and driving

However, according to a recent study sponsored by the Southwest Region University Transportation Center, voice-to-text apps do not increase the safety of drivers.  During the study, the participants drove a vehicle on a closed course while texting manually, texting with a voice-to-text app, and without any distractions.

Driver reaction times were nearly two times slower while texting and driving when compared with no distractions, irrespective of whether or not an individual was texting manually or using voice-to-text apps.  Eye gazes to the forward roadway also decreased significantly, regardless of which texting method the driver used.  Interestingly, drivers felt safer using the voice-to-text app, although the results demonstrate that they were not any safer and were just as likely to be involved in a car accident injury.

Stop texting and driving to avoid car accident injuries

In today’s busy world, it can be tempting to text while driving or talk on your cell phone while driving.  However, this study demonstrates that it can be extremely difficult to text and drive safely, even if using a voice-to-text app.  If you have been in a car accident injury with a driver who was texting while driving, please call the car accident attorneys at Morris Bart.  You will speak with a personal injury attorney who will explain your options and discuss possible personal injury claims.

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