There is no doubt that the Deepwater Horizon oil rig accident and the resulting BP oil spill will have a long-term impact upon both humans and animals alike. However, it has also had a dramatic and negative effect on businesses small and large. The impact of the spill is vast, and extends geographically and economically far beyond what many people believe.  As such, those responsible for those harms and losses owe compensation to those adversely affected by the BP oil spill.

BP Oil Spill Negatively Impacted Gulf Coast Fishing Industry

In the fishing industry alone, it is estimated that over the course of three years (2011-2013), the projected lost revenues in the fisheries will be over $143 million. (See A Study of the Economic Impact of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill –10/15/2010).  This is merely a mid-level projection with room to fluctuate much higher. That estimate does not include all potential losses.

BP Oil Spill Damages Claims

Many people and businesses are unaware that they have a potential claim for damages as a result of the oil spill.  There are businesses all over Mississippi and Louisiana that were, and continue to be, adversely impacted by the spill.  Many of these owners, workers, or individuals believe or know that their business or livelihood has been affected by the spill, and despite the hesitance to make a claim, many have now made a claim and were fully compensated for their losses.

It is not too late to act, and have an attorney review your business or financial records, no matter how unorganized, and determine whether you or your business may be eligible for compensation.  The worst thing you can do is sit idly by and let the oil spill, which you had nothing to do with, kill your business, your livelihood, and your dreams.

Contact Morris Bart About Your BP Oil Spill Disaster Damage Claim

Please contact Morris Bart, LLC Attorneys at Law today so that your rights can be preserved. This is our Coast and our lives, and we must send a message to those businesses that choose to ignore the safety rules designed to protect us all, that we will not tolerate such actions and will not give them a pass by failing to hold them accountable for the harms and losses they caused.  Please submit a free case evaluation, and one of our attorneys will contact you about your case.

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