Most motorcycle riders are aware of the inherent dangers on Louisiana roads. Collisions with other vehicles can be devastating. In an attempt to encourage more people to ride safely and responsibly, Louisiana has several laws in place specifically for motorcyclists.


As a Louisiana motorcycle rider, it is important to be familiar with these laws – for your own safety and to remain on the right side of the law if you are in a crash.

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The following are important Louisiana motorcycle laws and regulations to keep in mind:

Protective Eyewear Laws

Like most states, Louisiana laws require all motorcyclists and passengers to wear helmets. Also, according to Louisiana State Legislature RS 32:190, motorcycle operators must wear suitable eye protective devices.

The eyewear device must comply with certain safety standards. For example, if you are riding at night, the eyewear must be clear and not dark or tinted.

If the motorcycle has a windshield, then the driver does not have to wear eyewear. This windshield must also meet certain requirements as defined in the legislature.

Riding Position and Style

There are also rules that govern the style and position of a motorcycle driver and passengers. The operator must ride on an appropriate seat that is permanently attached to the bike.

Unless the motorcycle was designed to carry passengers, it is against the law to travel with another person or child. If the bike can carry passengers, then they must wear a helmet and follow the same guidelines as the driver. The passenger must not obstruct the view of the driver, or interfere with his or her driving at any time.

The law also states that anyone riding a motorbike must face forward with one leg on each side of the bike, and the driver cannot carry a package that restricts access to the handlebars.

Children on Motorcycles

Louisiana laws make it clear that no operator may transport a young child or infant on the bike if he or she does not meet the requirements laid out in Louisiana childseat laws. A child aged 5 years and older can ride on a motorcycle if properly seated and wearing a full safety helmet.

Following the above guidelines may help you avoid accidents, but even the safest motorcyclists cannot control the actions of negligent drivers. If you were injured in a crash with another vehicle, then a personal-injury attorney from Morris Bart, LLC may be able to help.

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