Crash Accident Pickup Truck And Motorcycle

Potholes, impaired drivers, poor weather – motorcyclists face countless hazards when they hit the road. One of the best ways to reduce your risk of crashing is to adjust your behavior to the riding conditions.

Congested traffic can be a killer for bikers. Impatient drivers tend to behave recklessly to stay on schedule. Motorists who use their cell phones to pass the time are at high risk of causing distracted-driving accidents, and even a slow-speed collision with a motorcyclist is likely to cause severe injuries.

If you commute to work on a motorcycle, then you are probably familiar with the dangers of rush-hour traffic. Fortunately, you can reduce your risk of injuries by following these three tips:

  1. Predict the actions of other motorists;
  2. Practice defensive riding; and
  3. Do not tailgate.

Sadly, even the most diligent motorcyclists can fall victim to negligent drivers. If you were injured in a wreck that was not your fault, turn to Morris Bart, LTD.

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Let’s take a closer look at three ways to avoid motorcycle accidents when riding in heavy traffic:

  1. Predict the Actions of Other Motorists

Motorcyclist Online reminds riders that anticipating the actions of other road users will help them identify and avoid dangerous situations. You should constantly survey traffic using your mirrors.

A driver will usually turn his or her head in the direction where he or she intends to go. Watching drivers’ heads will help you anticipate turns and lane changes.

  1. Practice Defensive Riding

Predicting the actions of other motorists will help you anticipate their movements, but you should never trust a driver to do what you expect. This is particularly true in congested traffic – when motorists often change lanes without signaling.

You can reduce your risk of crashing by practicing these defensive-riding techniques:

  • Constantly survey the road for changes in traffic patterns;
  • Always have an escape route;
  • Never listen to headphones or gawk at roadside distractions; and
  • Do not travel faster than the conditions allow.
  1. Do Not Tailgate

Maintaining a safe following distance is one of the most effective ways for riders to avoid accidents; however, this is not always easy in heavy traffic.

When riding on the highway, you should have at least three seconds of space between the leading vehicle and your motorcycle. Double your following distance when riding in poor weather.

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