But some season ticket holders say they won’t get their money’s worth if Chris Paul isn’t playing on the court. Even occasional game goers say they’d think twice about purchasing a ticket. “I don’t think it’s worth it to pay NBA ticket prices for a team without any stars,” Hornets fan Nihl Godiwila said. Fan Rami Khodr added, “I mean I’m mad, but it’s a business deal.”

But there could be a bright side to a Chris Paul trade as fan Valerie Bergeron explains, “We have a chance to get brand new players and get a whole new team together and possibly become really great.”

Morris Bart says Hornets management is thinking about the big picture now, how they can build a world class team. “They’re trying to get the best draft choices, they’re trying to get the best players, Dell Demps, Monty Williams these guys are masters at putting together a team and they’re building I believe, a winning team for New Orleans for the long term,” Bart said.

So despite the fact that CP3 may be on his way out, Morris Bart says the most important thing now is to keep the team in New Orleans, no matter who is playing on the court.

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