Establishing A Relationship With Your Personal Injury Attorney

The relationship you have with your personal injury attorney is one of the most important aspects of your case. It is important to not only communicate, but to do so honestly. We are here to help you so the more information we have, the better.

Communicate With Your Personal Injury Attorney

First, in order to establish good communication between yourself and your accident injury attorney, always make sure you have a working phone number. If your number or address changes, notify your attorney immediately. We cannot help you if w/personal-injury-attorneys/e cannot find you!

Second, always keep your personal injury attorney informed of any changes in your injury or treatment. You should inform your attorney of every doctor, hospital, chiropractor, and treatment facility you have used. We need this information to make sure your bills are paid and that you get fully compensated.  Even if you feel that your treatment is unrelated to the accident, let us know. The more medical information we have on your case, the better we can represent you.

Finally, be honest with your personal injury attorney. We are here for you and we can only help you if we know the whole story. It is okay if you miss treatments, have other accidents, or had pre-existing injuries. We need to know this so that we can build the best case possible for your scenario. If we don’t know the whole truth then it makes it very difficult to represent you.

Your Personal Injury Attorney Protects Your Interests

Remember, your personal injury attorney has an ultimate duty to protect your interests and we must keep all conversations confidential. Informing your attorney of potentially negative events will improve your attorneys ability to fight for you fully.

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