Driving tips to keep you safe this summer

Summer is such an exciting time! From Memorial Day to Labor Day, many families throughout the country travel more in those few months than in the rest of the year combined. While going on vacation can be a great time spent with family and friends, there are many dangers to look out for as well. This post will outline certain dangers to be on the lookout for while also offering safety tips for your summer travels.

Basics: Gas, Tires, and Oil

Before you begin any trip, the most important thing to do is check your car to make sure it has enough gas in the tank, air in the tires, and oil in the engine. Not checking these three things are common mistakes that travelers make. Not only can one of these be inconvenient if you are forced to pull your car over, but it can be extremely dangerous if you are traveling on an interstate where you have to pull over, or on a street that does not have a place to pull over safely. Taking a few extra minutes to check on these can save a lot of headaches.

No Drinking & Driving

Drinking and driving is the first danger to avoid while driving. Obviously, it is not only illegal but extremely dangerous. In years past, drunk drivers accounted for nearly one-third of all traffic-related deaths. With the rise of Uber and other similar services, drinking and driving is very easily avoidable. On the flip side, whenever you are driving late at night be extra cautious for the other drivers on the road. You never know with whom you share the road.

Stop Texting

Texting and driving is another danger to avoid. It is tempting to answer a text or scroll through social media while you are stopped at a stoplight or in slow moving traffic; however, an accident can occur from just a few seconds of inattention. While on the road this summer, please remember that a text can always wait until you arrive at your destination.

Appoint a Navigator

Summertime is great for traveling to new places. Everyone loves to go to a new vacation spot or to try out a new restaurant. In order to maintain optimal safety, though, try to map out your route to the destination before departure. If you do that, you will be able to focus more on the other drivers around you rather than if you missed your turn. If you are traveling with another person, have him or her act as the navigator on the trip so that you can always keep two eyes on the road.

Buckle Up

One of the first rules that everyone learns as a child is to buckle your seatbelt. No matter what your age, this can prove to be a lifesaving step. You may be the best driver in the world, but you can never control what the others on the road will do. Because of that, take the extra few seconds to buckle your seatbelt before you start your trip.

These are just a few travel tips for you to look out for this summer. Have fun, but most importantly, be safe! And remember, if you are injured in an accident on your summer journey through no fault of your own, contact the attorneys at Morris Bart for help. Click the “Live Help” button at the bottom of the screen or call us today at 800-537-8185


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