I have been fortunate to spend my entire legal career with the Morris Bart firm in Mobile.

Morris Bart Experienced Mobile Injury Lawyers

We’re the Mobile car accident experts.

Through the course of my legal career, the vast majority of cases I have handled involve motor vehicle crashes. Motor vehicle crashes come in all varieties, and our firm is experienced with them all.

Whether it is a simple rear end collision, or a complex claim involving a defective vehicle, the Morris Bart firm can handle it.

We have the personal injury knowledge and expertise.

Our primary focus on motor vehicle crashes means that the firm has the skills, knowledge, and expertise to advise our client’s on every aspect of their case, from initial investigation to trial and even beyond through appeals.

In addition to the legal knowledge and skills the attorneys provide to our clients, the friendly and supportive staff at Morris Bart help the client reach a successful outcome to their case.

We have the right connections in Mobile.

Also, our firm knows an extensive network of experts that can provide superior services to our clients. Those experts range from medical professionals such as surgeons and rehabilitation specialists, to economic and technical experts whose knowledge helps juries understand the complex issues that may arise in a client’s case.

We have a great reputation.

Lastly, our client’s know that when they choose the Morris Bart firm they are choosing one of the largest and most successful firms that has been helping accident victims for over 30 years. All of these factors make choosing the Morris Bart Mobile injury lawyers the best choice for people injured in a motor vehicle crash.

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