You may have noticed the new streetcar lines recently completed in New Orleans just in time for Superbowl XLVII, with their savvy look and “wave of the future” feel.  And there is talk about expanding even further the streetcar lines, depending of course on available funding.

For example, according to, the New Orleans streetcar expansion proposal includes a new line along Elysian Fields Avenue from the riverfront to Claiborne Avenue, where it would eventually link up with Canal Street.  That line may also continue past Canal to Poydras Street, past the Superdome and end at the new Loyola Avenue line, completed in February.  Additionally, a new line would extend the St. Charles Avenue line from where it ends at Carrollton and South Claiborne avenues and bring it all the way to Canal.  This would allow riders to board the streetcar in the CBD, meander through the Uptown neighborhoods and end up at City Park.

Would expanding New Orleans streetcar lines help New Orleans locals?

Such an expansion would be attractive to visitors and tourists in the city, but would it really serve New Orleans locals?  The group Ride New Orleans opines that improvement is needed for other modes of public transportation, such as the buses, noting that most transit riders take a bus, not streetcars.   While there is an extensive bus network presently in place, the frequency of the buses on each line are woefully inadequate, especially on nights and weekends.  Ride New Orleans also criticizes the fact that in order to reach many destinations, multiple modes of transportation are required, necessitating the use of transfers.  As such, they recommend that the transfers be quick, safe, easy to understand and comfortable for riders.

It is certainly exciting to see the progress in public transportation making the city easier to navigate and more attractive in which to live and work.  Public transportation is also a greener way of traveling as it reduces the amount of automobile congestion, which in turn reduces air pollutants.  Moreover, it stands to reason, that with less cars there will be less car accidents.

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