What is Emergency Rule 26?

In helping one of my clients and fellow Laplace resident, I discovered Emergency Rule 26.  Emergency Rule 26 is an initiative put forward by Louisiana Insurance Commissioner, Jim Donelon. It gives policyholders impacted by Hurricane Isaac greater protection and more flexibility in regards to continued coverage.

Emergency Rule 26 is a statewide rule and applies to all policyholders and to all types of insurance.  The rule includes the following provisions for the period August 26 until September 25, 2012:

  • Policyholders affected by Hurricane Isaac will receive an extension of time, until September 25, 2012, to pay insurance premiums due on or after August 26, 2012, without any late fees, penalties, cancellation or non-renewal.
  • Louisiana policyholders with health insurance coverage may receive out-of-network medical care; any restrictions that a health plan may place on dispensing of drugs are not applicable and a consumer can receive a 30-day supply of prescription medication without penalty.
  • Insurance companies cannot cancel or non-renew any policy of insurance during the time period specified.
  • No policy of insurance can be cancelled or non-renewed because of a Hurricane Isaac claim.

Hopefully, this Rule proves beneficial for my client and others who have been adversely affected by Hurricane Isaac.

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