In the state of Louisiana, current law requires all drivers to carry proof of auto insurance. Law enforcement officers are authorized to inspect that proof of auto insurance at administrative violations checkpoints, during a traffic stop, or while investigating a car accident. Until recently, officers only accepted a printed proof of insurance card or other insurance documentation. After a new law was passed in 2012, law enforcement officers are now required to accept electronic proof of insurance. Electronic proof of insurance can be presented on a phone, tablet or other electronic device.

Does Proof of Insurance at the Car Accident Mean the Driver is Insured?

It is very important to note that currently, the law only requires that officers verify each driver has “proof of insurance.” The law does not require officers to verify that the car insurance policy is current and not expired, or that the present driver is not excluded from the car insurance policy. This means that if you are involved in a car accident, as soon as you receive the other driver’s auto insurance information, you should contact that insurance company to verify coverage. Many drivers believe that once an officer gives them the other driver’s policy number, everything has been verified and there will be car insurance to cover their damages and medical expenses from the car accident. Unfortunately, this is not true. Verify coverage and make a claim before incurring expenses that you may have to pay for yourself.

New Law Will Require Verification of Car Insurance Compliance

Currently, the Louisiana Legislature is considering a bill that would require law enforcement officers to verify “compliance” with Louisiana laws relative to automobile insurance. The bill, No. 71, was authored by State Representative Henry Burns and is before the Louisiana House of Representatives now for its approval. If this bill passes and becomes law, officers will no longer simply verify “proof of insurance;” officers will verify that the auto insurance coverage evidenced by the proof of insurance presented is current and applicable. This will help protect Louisiana drivers against falsified insurance documents at the scene of a car accident, and encourage all drivers to ensure that their premiums are paid.

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