Heavy fog caused traffic to be restricted to one lane on Lake Pontchartrain Causeway on Sunday February 2, 2014.

Causeway police temporarily restricted the speed limit to 35 mph and all vehicles were required to have working headlights and tail lights.

What A Car Wreck Attorney Advises About Fog

Driving through fog can be scary and unpredictable. Not being able to see ahead on the road is frustrating, but luckily we have come up with some helpful tips in order to keep you safe on the road while driving through fog.

  1. Start by driving with low beam lights. Low beam lights are ideal because anything brighter will only be reflected of from the fog.
  2. Reduce your speed.  You might not be able to see stopped cars in front of you, so going slower will make it easier to brake.
  3. Try opening your window in order to listen to traffic that you cannot see.
  4. Try to use road markings when you are not able to see much ahead of you. These can guide you while you drive.
  5. Do not stop on heavy traffic roads. If your vehicle stops working, turn it off and move away from it to avoid getting hurt.
  6. And most importantly, be patient. Do not attempt to pass traffic.

Stay safe while driving in these kind of conditions, but always keep in mind that if you do get hurt in a car accident in Louisiana you can call your official injury attorney, Morris Bart.  He will get you the compensation you deserve!

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