Driverless cars are closer to the consumer market than many people realize. Companies around the world are testing prototypes, which are evolving at a rapid pace. According to a study by Business Insider, you can expect to see 10 million driverless cars on the road by the year 2020.

Autonomous driving concept and driverless car safety system symbol as a road traffic sign as an automobile icon with human hands and arms waving up to the sky as a metaphor for hands free autopilot transportation technology.

The impact of driverless cars will be far reaching. Perhaps most important, they will reduce the likelihood that driver error will cause an accident. This will greatly enhance road safety while also reducing the number of injury claims.

Unfortunately, driver error and negligence remain constant threats on Louisiana roads. If you were injured in an accident that another motorist caused, contact an Alexandria personal-injury attorney from Morris Bart, LLC. We can evaluate your case to determine if you may have valid grounds for a claim.

Schedule a consultation today by calling 800-537-8185. Until then, read on to learn four potential impacts of driverless vehicles:

  1. Fewer Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, human error causes most car accidents. Driverless vehicles will remove the human element from the act of driving, which should reduce the crash rate. Some studies suggest that self-driving cars may be able to prevent up to 90 percent of collisions.

  1. Fewer Emergency Room Visits

Car accident injuries often require emergency room visits. Even minor injuries can be expensive to treat. Collisions place a lot of strain on emergency services and institutions, and the reduction in accidents may save taxpayers billions in medical expenses.

  1. Fewer Injury Claims

The widespread adoption of self-driving vehicles will likely result in a reduction in car accident claims. In recent years, manufacturers have been working to increase automation in vehicles, and this has already helped reduce the number of personal-injury claims related to car crashes.

Driverless cars may also make accident claims more transparent. These vehicles may record data while driving, which can make it easier to prove liability and negligence.

In the meantime, drivers are encouraged to install dashboard cameras. These can record events before crashes and catch important details that victims could miss. This footage is often admissible in court and may be invaluable evidence to support an injury claim.

  1. Enhanced Traffic Organization

Technology is already available that allows cars to calculate and maintain safe following distances. Driverless cars will evolve this technology, and their widespread adoption should help traffic stay organized. This can make traffic patterns more predictable for people who are operating standard cars, as well as bikers and pedestrians.

While driverless vehicles promise a multitude of benefits – from reducing gas emissions to streamlining traffic – their impact on accident rates will likely be the most significant. Unfortunately, this technology is still a few years away, and driver negligence continues to cause injuries every day.

If you were injured in a crash that was not your fault, contact an Alexandria auto accident lawyer from Morris Bart, LLC. Call 800-537-8185 to schedule a consultation.

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