Riding a motorcycle certainly has its benefits. Lower gas prices, easier parking, a thrilling way to skirt traffic – it’s no wonder why there are more than 115,000 registered motorcycles in Alabama alone.

Unfortunately, a motorcycle accident is likely to end with injuries. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 9 in 100,000 passenger vehicles were involved in fatal accidents in 2013 – compared to 56 in 100,000 registered motorcycles.

If you ride a motorcycle, it is vital that you are proactive about safety. These five tips are particularly important:

  1. Wear a certified helmet;
  2. Ride with people you trust;
  3. Adhere to speed limits;
  4. Look where you want to go; and
  5. Exercise caution when riding near semi-trucks;

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Let’s take a closer look at five essential safety tips for motorcyclists:

  1. Wear a Certified Helmet

Do not ride with a novelty helmet. Your helmet should be certified by the Snell Memorial Foundation or the Department of Transportation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that you only purchase a new helmet; used helmets may have counterfeit certifications, and they might have suffered damage in previous accidents.

  1. Ride with People You Trust

Ride with people you know and trust. Motorcyclists who show off or ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs are a danger to everyone around them. It is safer to ride alone than with people who may put your life at risk.

  1. Adhere to Speed Limits

It may be tempting to open up the throttle and push your bike to the limit, but speed is a leading cause of fatal motorcycle accidents. Adhere to the speed limits at all times, regardless of how tempting the open road might be.

  1. Look Where You Want to Go

It is easy to get fixated on an obstacle while riding a motorcycle – particularly in heavy traffic. Do not look at the obstacle or hazard ahead; rather, focus on where you want to go.

  1. Exercise Caution When Riding Near Semi-Trucks

Minimize the amount of time you spend riding alongside semi-trucks and buses. Trucks have large blind spots, so the driver might not be able to see you.

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