We’ve all heard the term “defensive driving,” but most of us don’t really know what it means.  Defensive driving is a set of good driving habits that will make you a safer driver and help you to avoid accidents.  Defensive drivers are proactive – they recognize and take care of potential problems before they happen, thereby avoiding car accident injuries.

The best way to learn defensive driving skills is by taking a defensive driving course through your state’s department of motor vehicles.  Another advantage of taking a defensive driving course is that your insurance company may offer a discount on your premiums for completing the course.

Tips for Defensive Driving to Avoid Car Accident Injuries

Although a defensive driving course will provide you with the skills to learn defensive driving, here are just a few defensive driving tips:

  • Focus on driving – Being distracted while driving is one of the biggest causes of car accident injuries and fatalities on the roadways.  Cell phones, loud music, and eating while driving are examples of some distractions that take your focus off of driving.  Of course we are all human and will talk on our cell phone or snack on some chips while driving from time to time.  But make an effort to keep distracted driving at a minimum.
  • Avoid blind spots – Many car accidents happen while vehicles are changing lanes, and drivers who don’t check their blind spot are particularly dangerous. If you find yourself in another vehicle’s blind spot, either accelerate so that you are next to the vehicle and easily visible to the driver, or, slow down so that you are tailing the vehicle and no longer in their blind spot. The second alternative is usually the safest, depending on the traffic flow.
  • Don’t follow too closely – We have all been guilty of “tail-gating” at some point, but following too closely is the main cause of rear-end collisions.  It is best to leave a 2-3 second buffer between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you, and a 3-4 second gap if you are driving an SUV or large truck.  This buffer is extremely important in the event that the car in front of you has to make a sudden stop, giving you enough distance to safely stop without having to slam on your brakes. This also helps the driver behind you by aiding in their reaction time and stopping distance.

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