Community: Through the “Adopt-A-Cop” Program, Morris Bart helps support our hardworking police force during the Carnival Season.

There would be no Purple, Green and Gold without our “Krewe in Blue”!

A New Orleans police office enjoying his bagged lunch on the Mardi Gras parade route

Throughout the Mardi Gras season, New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) officers are “all hands on deck” and working hard to keep us safe while we’re having fun. Many of them work daily shifts of up to 12 hours along the parade routes. We take them for granted while we’re eating, drinking and enjoying ourselves with friends and family, but did you ever stop to wonder what they get to eat and drink while they’re patrolling the parade routes for hours on end?

The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation (NOPJF) has created a great way for all of us to give back to our “Krewe in Blue” just when they need it most!

The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation’s annual Adopt-A-Cop Mardi Gras Program supports police officers while they’re on the job during the Carnival Season. Through donations from Morris Bart, LLC and other New Orleans businesses and individuals, they annually provide the officers of the New Orleans Police Department and visiting law enforcement officers with much needed hot meals, healthy snacks, and beverages to enjoy during the long days and nights of Mardi Gras. They not only stock the NOPD Food Truck that drives the parade routes with delicious things to eat and drink – they also provide lunches on the buses that transport officers from one parade point to the next. Morris Bart, LLC donates to Adopt-A-Cop annually, and we encourage you to do so, too!

Just $10 goes a long way, so join us and donate any amount, at any time.

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